Restaurant Owner FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

DingMenu charges your customers a low 99¢ convenience fee for taking their orders. The restaurant doesn’t pay any fees per order.

By having your customers pay a small convenience fee when they place an order we are able to provide dingmenu on an ongoing basis to you free of commissions or revenue sharing.
There’s a one-time $99 setup fee to get your account activated and initial menu loaded up.

  • After that, it’s free for you, forever. You get the full order payment (minus credit card processing fees).
  • Customers pay a small 99¢ fee per order to use the dingmenu app.
  • No term contract, no hidden fees, and no cancellation penalty.

Stripe charges you directly a standard credit card processing fees of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction (similar to what you currently incur now when people pay with credit cards at your restaurant). We integrated Stripe, one of the world’s largest web based credit card processing companies into our software to swiftly process your orders and get you paid fast.

Once your account is activated, your online interactive menu can be found on our portal and everywhere else it gets listed.
We recommend you list it on different platforms including Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, Yelp, etc. If you already have a website, add your online interactive menu as a link.
There are several ways you can let customers know about your menu:

  1. In your dingmenu dashboard we provide you with a QR code that you can download and print. We even provide you with a window sticker with your QR code. When your customer points their phone’s camera at the code it immediately takes them to your branded menu (not a list of other restaurants for them to choose from). It’s easy and contactless.
  2. You can use your QR code for banners, A-frame signs, print ads or even on your website. Customers just scan, browse the menu and order. This can be used as well when customers are dining in, just have the QR code on a coaster, napkin or a small sign or table tent.
  3. Text your link when a customer calls in to order. When a customer calls in to place an order, you may be losing other customers who don’t want to be put on hold or who are getting a busy signal. Some customers don’t like to give their credit card information over the phone. Our system allows the person answering your phone to instantly text your link right to your customer. Now, when a customer calls and asks to place an order, your staff member can say, “Great! Let me text you the link with our complete menu and you can order and pay securely online with your credit card. We’ll get your order immediately and start working on it.” That’s it! No more putting people on hold, taking credit card numbers over the phone or writing an order incorrectly. Plus, your customers can save the link on their smartphone’s home screen for future orders.
  4. Place a link on your existing website labeled “Our Menu” or “Order Now” which links directly to your interactive
  5. There are other proprietary methods for sharing your menu, which we built into the software. Once you sign up for we will take you through these.

Once your customer opens up your branded menu either by scanning the QR code, clicking on your menu link or on their home screen bookmark, they choose pick-up, curbside or delivery; browse through your menu and click on items they want to add to their order; enter their credit card information; and check out. During the order process they have the option to securely save their information for faster future ordering.

Once a customer completes an order, it is submitted to your Order queue in your dashboard for you to fulfill.

You don’t need any special devices or POS systems to take the order, just your phone, tablet or computer. Ding.Menu is a web based platform that you log in to with a username and password.

Your online ordering menu is fully maintained and hosted for free on our servers.

Whether on a computer, tablet or phone, you just log into your account at the website. Simply go to the section for “Orders” and you will handle them from there. Most restaurant owners have a tablet in their kitchen or prep area where they can quickly see the orders as they come in. If you have a thermal receipt printer you can even print out the order automatically when you accept the order. This is similar to how most restaurants are currently handling orders coming in via Uber Eats, Postmates or other 3rd party applications. If you have a proprietary POS system you may want to open your account on a tablet next to your system to manually enter orders as they come in. Most restauranteurs are keeping 3rd party ordering systems separate from their existing POS systems.

We spoke with dozens of restaurant owners and industry experts to find out what they wanted and needed to grow their restaurants in this new economy. Below are several features that we currently have or are developing into the program. We know you’re going to like them!

  • Text your menu – When a customer calls to place an order, rather than tying up a phone line or placing people on hold, text them a link to your interactive menu. Not only can they place their order through the app, but they can save the link as an icon on their home screen for future orders.
  • Pick-up time selector – Set a default amount of time that it takes to prepare an order so your customers know when to arrive. You can alter this time with a click of a button when you get busy.
  • Customers can schedule a pick-up time – allows customers to select a pick-up time in the future so they can place their order when they need it. Don’t worry, this can never be sooner than you set for prep time. This feature allows your customers to place orders at their convenience and let you know when they will come by to pick it up, thus making your operations more efficient.
  • “I’ve arrived” button – We added a button on the customer’s order screen so they can click and let you know when they have arrived at your restaurant. This allows you to keep their order safe in your kitchen until it needs to be brought out. This helps unnecessary handling of food orders.
  • Type of vehicle fields – Your customers will be able to enter the make, model and color of their vehicles so you can quickly identify their vehicle when bringing out an order, if you provide curbside pick-up. No more searching for your customers in a parking lot or amongst several cars waiting for their orders.
  • Your own delivery team – We created a quick and easy way to manage your delivery orders. Choose the geographic zones you will deliver to and the fee for the delivery to these areas. Want to give free delivery for an order over a certain amount? You can do that too! Once the customer picks “Delivery” your asks them to enter their address. The system checks it against your delivery zones and allows them to continue ordering if they’re in the zones you selected or alerts them when they are not. If they are within your delivery zones the system will add the delivery fee you attributed to the zone. You keep this delivery fee, not us. We will only charge the customer our service fee of 99 cents for placing the order.
  • QR promo codes – You can create as many QR codes as you want with discounts already built into the code. You can then place them in different ads to track actual usage. No more placing ads blindly in print or online ads not knowing which convert; now you will know which are scanned and used.
  • Email blasts – Your customers’ information is captured with each order placed. Unlike several other menu ordering apps being used, you have access to this information. You will be able to send out emails to your customers letting them know about exclusive offers, promotions you are running or even new menu items. You grow your business by keeping in touch with your restaurant’s existing customers.
  • Text Messaging – Take it one step further and text your customer base to let them know at a moment’s notice about special offers. Type your message, choose the recipients, and click send. Get instant flow of business with a click of a button.

– Register by clicking the button below. You will then provide some basic information, register through Stripe (we provide the form) to process and receive payments, and we’ll take it from there.


– We’ll have you email us your menu, we’ll upload it and make it interactive so customers can order and pay right in your dingmenu app. You will be able to edit your menu any way you like and as often as you like — we’ve made this extremely easy to do in your dashboard.

– Start getting the word out to your customers by placing a sticker with your QR code on your window and texting your menu to people calling your restaurant to place orders.

Customers are shifting to “buy online, pickup in-store,” according to Greenberg Strategy, an Emeryville, California research firm. 80% surveyed said they trust that order pick-up ensures their orders are correct, while an additional 78% believe pick-up results in higher food quality and correct food temperatures. In other words, if you get it yourself, it’s not riding around in a delivery vehicle getting cold while other orders are delivered. In addition to avoiding delivery charges, operators enjoy additional benefits. It allows restaurants, rather than a third-party, to own their consumer interactions and capture that customer’s information. A growing number of restaurants are encouraging customers to buy their food online — typically using a mobile app — and then pick it up in person. The process is known as “buy online, pickup in-store” or BOPIS, for short. The benefits of BOPIS are many for customers and operators. They include:
  • When the order is placed, customers know exactly when their food will be ready.
  • Knowing precisely when a customer will arrive, the operator can process an order to ensure it’s completed on time.
  • Orders are paid for using the app, eliminating the hassle of onsite payment and keeping the entire transaction contactless.
  • Since the restaurant itself captures valuable customer data, upsell and future promotional offers can be tailored to customers picking up their orders.
Greenberg also found that both in restaurants and retail venues, providing a BOPIS experience creates a halo effect for those brands because users perceive the offer as innovative and helpful. Equally important, customers surveyed said it gives them greater control of their time and a heightened sense of productivity when they’re not waiting. That said, with dingmenu your customers have the option to choose “delivery” if your restaurant offers that service.

We build you a dingmenu interactive menu for $99 (setup fee) and no additional cost, with no hidden fees. Your restaurant’s includes custom branding and menu data entry. You pay STRIPE a 2.9% + $.30 credit card transaction fee. We directly charge your customers a flat convenience fee of 99¢ per order, not a percentage of their order.

Aside from our listing agreement that authorizes us to post your menu online, there isn’t any contract to sign. There are no daily, monthly, quarterly or annual obligations. You will need to acknowledge adhere to our terms of service and privacy policy. We have the right to terminate your account at any time if you violate these policies and terms of service. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for the restaurant and your customers.

You can simply sign up by visiting our site at — If you need assistance or would like to speak with one of our sales reps, feel free to contact us:

[email protected]

or Click here for requesting a demo of the system

Absolutely! Online credit card transactions are processed using STRIPE Payments and are tunneled through a SSL connection with a 256-bit encryption to protect your online transactions. We treat your payment information with the utmost care and we never print your credit card number. STRIPE Payments handles over 250+ million API (Application Programming Interface) requests a day. Learn more about STRIPE.

STRIPE’s credit card processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This goes directly to STRIPE for handling the credit card processing, not to dingmenu — please check out STRIPE to learn more about why we chose them to process payments. They are one of the world’s leaders in digital order fulfillment and are setting the standard in this space. Once again, we’re trying to keep as much of your hard-earned money in your pocket, no one else’s.

Credit card transactions are processed via STRIPE, who has Level 1 PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS) compliance. All transactions are encrypted, secured and maintained by STRIPE. You can view our STRIPE certificate here.

After registering, you will be assigned a coordinator to help you through the rest of the setup process. If you can stay in touch with your Coordinator and complete the tasks that they need your help with, your online ordering can be up and running within a few days.

Your dingmenu Coordinator will make sure you understand our product and are 100% satisfied with your dingmenu. We will also run a couple of test orders to make sure you and your restaurant are ready to go live.

You don’t get paid by dingmenu, you get paid via your STRIPE account. When registering for a dingmenu interactive menu you will be asked either to log in to your existing STRIPE payment account or to create a new account. Your Bank Account will need to be verified with a small deposit before payments can be made. This way, we can guarantee a secure way for you to receive your payments and make sure it will be going into the correct account. It’s extremely easy and fast.

Once you’re up & running and receiving orders, payments are deposited directly into your account by ACH transfer every 2 days should you choose that option. You have the option to choose the frequency.

Visit and log in with your e-mail and password to access your account screen.

You can adjust your wait times in your dingmenu dashboard on the order screen. This is extremely helpful if your kitchen is busy and you are running behind. Click on the “clock” icon on the top right side of the screen and put in the number of minutes your customers can expect their order to be completed in. It will be reflected instantly on the customer’s menu screen when they go to place an order.

*The default wait time in the system is set for 15 minutes.

We encourage you to keep your existing website. If you wish to keep your existing site, we’ll be happy to help you add your dingmenu link to your own website with a simple “Order Online” button. When your customers click on that link, they will instantly be taken to your interactive menu to browse and place their orders.

Having your link address displayed on Google Maps, linked on your primary website (if you have one), and linked on Facebook are just a few great ways of getting exposure for your site.

QR promo coupons, signage with your QR menu code and social media blasts with your link and discount codes are also great ways to attract customers.

Yes, it’s one of the coolest features of dingmenu. Go to the “QR Codes” tab in your dingmenu dashboard and then to QR Promo codes. From there, you can make as many custom QR promo code coupons as you like. Set if it’s a fixed price discount or a percentage off discount. You can also set an expiration date, how many times it can be used and even a minimum amount that needs to be ordered before the discount is active. You can also choose to show the coupon on your dingmenu or hide it. Consider advertising these codes on your social media platforms, at the restaurant or even in your print advertising. These can increase your business and you’ll be able to easily see which ones have been redeemed, saving you lots of dollars on advertising.

You can “reject” and order when it is placed. We added this feature for several reasons.

  1. It may be near your closing hours and an order came in that you are not prepared for. If you reject the order the customer’s credit card won’t be charged for that order.
  2. The person placing the order may be someone you prefer to not service at your restaurant.
  3. You may be out of specific items and you haven’t had time to update your menu so you need to reject the order.
No, your online interactive menu is hosted for free on our servers and we maintain it at no cost. You don’t ever have to worry about the ongoing technological maintenance of your dingmenu and you don’t need any computing knowledge since we manage the technology for you. You can receive the orders through your dingmenu dashboard on any computer or tablet. You may also order our optional in-store dingmenu Tablet to receive your orders.

Yes. Access to wireless internet is how you manage your orders through your dashboard on your tablet or computer.

Yes, all you need to do is visit and log in using your e-mail and password. You may want to create a bookmark on your tablet for future use as well.  We recommend any Android tablet running Android 9.0 and up. We recommend a device with a screen size of at least 8 inches for best results.  

We recommend placing the tablet near the pick-up/carry-out area, or somewhere your employees can hear/see the notifications on the screen. Remember to always keep your equipment plugged in using the cable/plug that came with your device, so you never miss a dingmenu order notification.

As for the Receipt Printer, make sure it’s NOT placed near an area of high heat. Keep it close to the tablet, and away from any microwaves or anywhere with a lot of wireless electronics. 

Not currently. There are more than 150 POS (Point of Sale) systems, each with their own proprietary software. We may consider integration with top level POS systems in the future should they provide APIs (Application Program Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits). For now, we recommend you keep your dingmenu tablet close to your POS system, should you have one, and enter the orders in your POS as they come in. This is the same method used when orders are received from Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. We also have an in-store dingmenu Tablet that comes pre-loaded with dingmenu software. The Tablet requires a wireless internet connection, and is only used for viewing and managing dingmenu online orders.

A user can place an order with your restaurant days in advance when filling out their order. If you prefer to disable this feature, please contact us at [email protected]

When a user places a future order, we will send you a notification as soon as the order is placed. The order details will show you the date and time the order should be picked up or delivered. Once you receive the order, you will be responsible of making sure the order is fulfilled on time. 

You can configure your account to sent text notifications to up to 2 mobile phone numbers, in addition to the computer or tablet that is running the order system. If in addition to this, the order is missed, the customer is not charged for their order and it is automatically released after 7 business days.

You can temporarily turn off or shut off your dingmenu interactive menu for any reason. For example, closed for a Holiday or because of an emergency. This can be done via your dingmenu dashboard either under settings or by using the “power” icon on the top right of your order screen. If you need to permanently shut off, or need to shut off for an unknown amount of time, please email us at [email protected]
If your restaurant has become overwhelmed with orders and needs to delay or shut off online ordering, you have a few options: – Increase your wait times – You can increase your restaurant’s wait time by either clicking the “clock” icon at the top right of your order screen and adjusting the wait time accordingly. – Turn off your online store temporarily – You can shut off your dingmenu site temporarily by clicking the “power” icon at the top right of your order screen, it will turn off your menu and won’t accept orders. This will bypass your normal scheduled hours.
Simply reject the order when it comes in and then promptly turn off your dingmenu interactive menu. Your customer will not be charged for the order and they will be sent a text message letting them know that you were not able to accept their order.

Having a webpage with a shopping cart is better than nothing, but doesn’t compare on any level with having your own dingmenu account. Dingmenu provides you with your own interactive menu which you can not only share on your website, but through other means like text, email, facebook and twitter. Relying on someone to look up your website on their mobile phones can be cumbersome and not a great experience. Also, most of the shopping carts provided on the web are one-size-fits all, in other words, they are not designed for food orders which require more information to be provided to kitchen staff who are making the orders. Dingmenu took this into consideration when building out our platform, from payment processing through Stripe, tipping for restaurant staff, promo codes automatically being calculated, along with the ease of menu creation. There are many vehicles you can use to get you from point A to point B… comparing typical website ordering systems to dingmenu is like comparing a gokart to a luxury automobile. We built dingmenu for comfort, ease of use and speed.

Absolutely! In your dingmenu dashboard we provide you with both a URL Menu link and a QR Code which you can add to your webpage and social media accounts. Your customers can easily click on the menu link, if they are on the internet whether on their phone or computer, or scan your dingmenu QR code and both methods will immediately open your menu. The customer then simply browses your menu, makes their selections, and pay for their order. It’s that simple. We encourage you to place your dingmenu menu link and QR code wherever you can. The more people who have access to your dingmenu, the more orders you get, the more money you make and the less work you need to do to accomplish it.

Yes. When your customers “favorite” your restaurant by clicking on the “heart” icon on your dingmenu they are added to your “Followers” list in your dashboard. There will then be the opportunity to email and text these people with special offers and promotions that others may not be privy to. We encourage you to let your customers know to favorite your restaurant so you can build your database of customers. Other third party ordering apps, whether for delivery or not, typically do not provide you with YOUR customers’ information. We don’t understand that thinking… if they are coming through your dingmenu page you should have access to this information.

Yes! We want you to be super successful. A matter of fact we’re counting on it… Our success is based on you getting lots and lots of orders. We provide you with a guide and tools to help you get the word out about your dingmenu. These will include ideas in regards to putting promo cards in customers’ orders to make them aware of your new dingmenu, scripts for your phone staff to get them to text your dingmenu directly to the customer, a window sticker for the front of your restaurant with your dingmenu QR code that customers can quickly download your dingmenu, and lots more to get your dingmenu onto your customers’ phones. We start by sending you frequent emails orienting you to the program and what others have done to be successful with dingmenu. Once again, you can count on us to not only make this easy for you but extremely profitable as well.

Dingmenu is an evolution for the better over the current food ordering apps on the marketplace, and we don’t say that to be egotistical. The other third-party apps you are probably very familiar with, such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and the like, were built basing their business models on providing a delivery service. They take a large percentage of the order from both the restaurant as well as the customer. This is found in their fees and delivery charges. They offer lots of restaurants on their platform and the consumer downloads their apps, chooses their location and the type of cuisine they want. The individual restaurant now not only is paying high exorbitant order percentage fees but is also competing to be found amongst lots of other restaurants on the app. We don’t do that.

This might have worked for some restaurants prior to COVID-19 when restaurants were doing most of their business in their dining rooms and the extra orders coming through these third party apps were somewhat of a “bonus”, even though their fees being enormous left little to the restaurant’s bottom line.

They served a purpose especially when a restaurant didn’t offer delivery services inhouse, but it came at a huge cost.

Now, fast forward… dining rooms have shut down or even if opening up, limiting their capacity. Customers are getting accustomed to curbside pickup and takeout orders. The issue arises when a customer still places an order for curbside pickup or takeout via one of these apps. These app providers are still charging you a large percentage of the order, but providing absolutely no additional service but the processing of the order. They even try to entice customers to continue ordering through their apps promising them no fees in order to do so, and why not, YOU are still paying the fees!

Dingmenu was built from the ground up based on a totally different assumption… restaurant owners need help. They shouldn’t have a third party reaching into their pockets nor their customers when placing an order.

How do we keep the ordering process safe, fast, and secure and not charge a fortune to do so? Well first, we are NOT a delivery service, we don’t do it… but, if you do have your own inhouse delivery team we give you the tools to set up delivery zones in your dingmenu account and charge for delivery, but in our case, YOU keep ALL those fees. You’re providing the delivery service not us, it’s your money.

We give you all the tools that the other apps provide in regards to creating an interactive menu for your customers to order directly from and pay securely with their credit cards.

What we do completely different is how we charge for using dingmenu. We only charge the customer a 99 cent fee to place their order… that’s it, nothing more. Whether they are doing curbside pickup, takeout and through your own delivery team, the customer pays only the 99 cents. You pay nothing besides the typical credit card processing fees (we use Stripe to do this). Dingmenu makes it money only when you are successful filling lots and lots of orders. We want you to do LOTS of orders, and we help you do it.

Our goal is to level the playing field where your customers are happy to use a very convenient and secure method to order from your restaurant. They will save your dingmenu on their phones for current and future orders, and just as importantly, you get way more orders from customers coming directly to your dingmenu, not to other restaurants. You will make way more money for we don’t take a percentage of the order… nothing. And you do a lot less work, for once you share your dingmenu to your customers, they order again and again through their phones or computers and you don’t have to tie up phone lines or front desk staff to take their orders. It’s truly a win-win for everyone involved. We’re ready for you and can’t wait to help!

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